Find cheap office space in London

Setting up a business can be exciting but a tough adventure. You have to throw all your investments in for the set up and it can become overly expensive. While starting a business at home can be easy but holding professional business meetings can become a problem and you have to look for cheap office space.
There are over 600000 start-up businesses in London and whilst there is an increase in financial support from the government and crowdfunding, the daily expenses like rent, internet connection and electricity can start adding up quickly. For the majority of start-up businesses, freelancers’ private offices are just out of question. However, there are a few was though which you can access professional offices and impress your customers. If you are unsure of what kind of office you are looking for, in this article we have gathered ways which can help you in finding out the right office space for yourself in London.

Rent a spare desk

Majority of businesses rent or purchase office spaces which are just a little too big and often will have a spare desk which goes unused. Most of these desks are usually rented out to freelancers and start-up businesses which are looking for a place to work. While costs can vary depending on the office space in London, but most are quite reasonable. You can easily find these desks online. You can also talk to other start-up businesses for suggestions.

One office, several businesses

A permanent but affordable solution is getting a shared office space where multiple businesses rent desk and share services and facilities. Shared office space can be a great option not just because of its low cost but also for small business start-ups. Particularly small start-ups which want to have the ability to leave computers, paperwork, and files behind at the end of the day. London has several hundreds of shared office space and a lot of them provide additional benefits like relaxation areas, meeting rooms and decent furniture.
Another great bonus is that you often can find yourself working alongside business from a wide range of fields. This can be great for networking and sharing expertise and skills.

Hot desks are so freaking hot right now

Whether you are a one-man running business or a team of ten. Hot desking is quite inexpensive and flexible choice for renting office space if you have to be tight with the money. There are a number of shared and hot desking office spaces in London. Most of them target a business field like creative, tech or social enterprise.
Majority of hot-desking office spaces provide a range of rental deals from daily charged to monthly or sometimes even annual subscriptions. The price generally includes access to a desk, internet connection, and electricity. However, the fancy office spaces also provide the meeting rooms, kitchen and at times even a ping pong table.
A disadvantage of hot desking is that you do not have a permanent desk space to leave your belongings at. Hence, you must bring your laptop and other work essentials every day.

Search and you will find

You can also Google since its extensive knowledge can help you find endless possibilities for office space. You can check other sites which have listings of local office space options. People usually advertise affordable office rental choices online. If you use a website, then you must be cautious of the fraud which can happen on unregulated platforms.


If you already haven’t discovered how useful social media can be for connecting people, then you are missing out. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great online opportunities and they can help you make connections with the fellow start-up businesses, so you can find a perfect office space.

Sugar and Caffeine to spur you on

Majority of cafes and coffee shops encourage freelance workers to work from their tables. Exchanging a purchase of coffee for use of their Wi-Fi connection. This is especially famous with the creatives and you can find a row of apple laptops lined up along the windows.
Coffee shops can also be a good meeting place for freelancers who do not have access to a private space.
While the idea of unlimited coffee and cake can be appealing it is also a costly and fattening option, so it might not be feasible in the long term.

It’s who you know, you know?

You need to go out into the real world and start talking. You will be amazed at the opportunities which arise through networking with different people. By asking fellow businessmen you can know if anyone has spare affordable office space for renting. With a lot of start-up businesses establishing in London, there is an encouraging community spirit which connects local business. Most people will help where they can so all you need to do it ask.

Impress your clients

While working from home can be a perfect solution for some but often you will need a professional space where you can meet your clients. You can rent meeting rooms in London for a wide range of prices and time periods.
Meeting rooms have a range of facilities and services such as coffee or tea, projector screens, and catering. There is something to suit the daily requirement and budget. The great thing is that there are meeting rooms which are available across every corner of London so no matter where you want to meet up with your clients, there is bound to be office space available.

Work from home

While looking to rent external office space is something to work towards, it is not always affordable. Working from home can have its own benefits and drawbacks. You may have to pay extra bills, but you would be paying no extra rent and you can just get out of bed and get to work.

Keeping things virtual

Virtual offices have become increasingly popular since start-up businesses are discovering the profits of being able to work remotely whilst also being able to maintain a centralized location. Virtual office space can allow you to have a postal address, a receptionist and letter opening services along with access to meeting rooms in London.
Different providers provide a variety of costs and services for virtual offices, so you need to shop around and find one which suits your requirements. Hence, with all these affordable office space choices, there is no excuse not to move out and be a little more professional.


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